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Centre for Migration and Refugee Law

Centre for Migration and Refugee Law
Charles University, Faculty of Law

Each year, more and more people have to leave their countries of origin in search of a safer, better life. As climate change progresses in the near future, even more refugees are expected.

What is the juridical aspect of migration?

What are the basic law principles concerning refugees?

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At our university, we care about migration and refugee law. Established in 2022 at the Charles University, Faculty of Law, Centre for Migration and Refugee Law (CeMiReLa) connects academics, researchers, and practitioners dedicated to studying and teaching migration law.

Students can participate in our comprehensive programme on migration and asylum law that includes both theoretical and practical courses as well as courses aimed at skills development; students are also involved in research. Our courses provide students with deeper understanding of relevant issues, not only within European Law, but also international and national law contexts. Students can gain practical experience. For the last nineteen years, we have been organizing Asylum Law Clinic in which students work with refugee clients and receive feedback both from both NGOs and us - teachers. Recently, we have added a possibility of an internship at the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, at UNHCR as well as in law offices focused on immigration and asylum law.


We deepen students´ skills. Students can try out different roles in Asylum Law Moot Court Competition which has a long tradition at our faculty, or during a simulation of the Council of the European Union on asylum, migration and security issues. There are practical seminars on the art of argumentation based on particular refugee cases. In cooperation with the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic we organize the simulation of a military base where refugees and IDPs search refuge. One of our goals is to educate future researchers; therefore, we support especially students in the doctoral program to enable them to participate in workshops and conferences. Teachers at this program are active researchers; they publish their papers regularly and participate in conferences in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Latest Publications

Zaimović, E., The EU and the Mass Influx from Ukraine: Is There a Future for Temporary Protection? (2023) 19 CYELP 133.


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