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Shaping the Future of the Czech Refugee Law and Policy: UNHCR support for students of migration and refugee law


At the Law Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, students studying in Czech can choose the “Migration and refugee law” programme as a specialization of their master in law (M.A.) degree. Our programme comprises theoreticall courses as well as legal clinics, internships, simulations and research training.

We are currently working with UNHCR to further develop our programme. From 2024, the programme will be structured as follows.

1. Compulsory Courses

All must be passed in order to complete module.

Asyulm and Refugee Law

A theoretically oriented course that provides insight into the legal aspects of asylum and refugee issues in the context of the more general concept of migration. Using the flipped classroom method, the course introduces the issue of asylum, the system of international protection of refugees, regional European asylum and refugee legislation and, last but not least, the national legislation of the Czech Republic.

Migration Law

A theoretically oriented course that provides insight into the legal aspects of immigration law. Classes are taught through a modified problem-based learning method. Various aspects of immigration law are demonstrated through comprehensive case studies.

Legal Clinics

In our legal clinic, students attend NGOs that focus on providing legal assistance to refugees. Under the supervision of a mentor, they prepare legal submissions and participate in the day-to-day business of the NGO. In addition to the legal clinic, we offer a wide range of other internships at law firms or UNHCR regional offices.

2. Optional Courses

At least 2 optional courses must be passed in order to complete the module.

Migration and Environment

A theoretical course taught in English that provides insight into the issue of environmental migration.

Camp Peira

Field simulation organised jointly with the Army of the Czech Republic and Palacký University in Olomouc (main organiser).

Asylum and Migration in Jurisprudence

A research group meeting in which we discuss jorunal articles and students and academics have the opportunity to present their papers.

Student scientific activity

Czechoslovak competition for the best student work.

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